Mag.a Verena Stern


As a graduate research assistant, Stern is currently working in a project called “Taking Sides: Protest Against the Deportation of Asylum Seekers.” The study aims to compare anti-deportation protests in Austria, Switzerland and Germany and is funded by the FWF, SNF and DFG. For further information, see Stern’s graduate thesis, which was eventually published as Bodies That Splatter – Feministische Anrufungen, Performativität und Körper in Quentin Tarantinos “Death Proof,” attempted to read film politically and test it on feminist theoretical approaches, such as feminist interpellations, performativity, and the body. After receiving her degree in Political Science in Vienna, she taught an M.A. class on feminist theory at the University of Graz’s Department for Gender Studies, as well as a B.A. class on political science at the University of Vienna’s Department of Political Science. Additionally, she served as an undergraduate teaching assistant and a graduate research assistant in the Faculty of Social Sciences. In 2013-2014, Stern served as the Center for Austrian Studies´ BMWFW Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Minnesota.

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