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Taking Sides studied anti-deportation protests in Austria, Switzerland and Germany from a comparative angle, covering a period of 21 years (1993-2013). In particular, the project seeked to explain variation in the goals, forms and degree of protest against the forcible expulsion of asylum seekers from the state territory.

This September Sieglinde Rosenberger, Nina Merhaut and Verena Stern present their findings.

  • IMIS Conference (Institut für Migrationsforschung und Interkulturelle Studien), University of Osnabrück, September 21/22, 2016. Panel "Comparing Deportation Protest": Merhaut, Stern. Panel "Abschiebungen als Konfliktfeld im Länder- und Zeitvergleich": Rosenberger
    • Registration unitl September 12
    • Time 21/09/2016 14:00 and 22/09/2016 09:00
    • Location Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies (IMIS), University of Osnabrück, Seminarstraße 20, Gebäude/Building 15, 49074 Osnabrück
      Rooms: 15/130 (Alter Senatssitzungssaal), 15/114, 15/113



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