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Activities & Events

  • Participation at the 5th Berlin Summer School “Linking Theory and Empirical Research” taking place from July 19th to August 1st, 2015, organized by the WZB (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung).
  • IPW-lecture & INEX-talk with Jeroen Doomernik (University of Amsterdam) at the Institute for Political Science (Vienna University) on October 12th, 18:30.

Lecture title: “Weil nicht sein kann, was nicht sein darf?” Managing the presence of rejected asylum seekers in Amsterdam


Dutch asylum policies are based on a binary reasoning: either the asylum seeker turns out to be a refugee and is given all rights attached to that status, or the request is turned down and (s)he is expected to leave within 28 days. The formal line is that rejected asylum seekers can return and if desired are assisted by the Departure and Return Services (DT&V). After this period no public support is to be made available. This is to create an additional incentive for rejected asylum seekers to leave. Nevertheless significant numbers do not and end up homeless, mainly in the larger cities. Municipal governments regard this as unacceptable and offer support to those people. Central government orders these municipalities to discontinue. In the end, each level of government and its agencies pursue their own logic. Not even the recent intervention coming from a third level - the Council of Europe - has resolved the deadlock. This presentation will detail these logics, to then focus on local practices and their effects on the futures of the rejected asylum seekers concerned.

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