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Project "Monitoring" (2011-2013)

Project leader: Sieglinde Rosenberger


Researcher: Oliver Gruber, Teresa Peintinger, Anna Strauss, Philipp Lindner, Astrid Mattes


Duration: 2011 - 2013


The establishment of the State Secretariat for Integration (SSI) in April 2011 has been considered a milestone in the history of Austrian integration policy. Although claims for the institutionalization of integration policy on a ministerial level had existed before, the government's decision caused a heated debate on the SSI subordination to the Austrian Ministry of Interior as well as on the decistion to promote Sebastian Kurz, an inexperienced and young politication, for the role of State Secretary for Integration. 


The project observes the institutionalization of the State Secretariat for Integration: Based on conceptual literature on the dimensions of federal policies on integration, the project conducts an ongoing "Monitoring", studying the activities, narratives and claims of the new government actor. The empirical sources of the Project comprise press releases and media coverage of the SSI.


First results of the Project have been presented at a Symposium on the 17th of April 2012: 


Integration gestalten/verwalten. Ein Jahr Staatssekretariat für Integration




Media coverage:


Medienberichte zur Veranstaltung: Furche-DOSSIER, 26.April 2012: Wer gestaltet Integration?


Die Presse, 17.April 2012: Integration: Kurz unter Beobachtung



A summary of the first project findings are available for download: Integrationspolitik als Regierungspolitik. Das Staatssekretariat für Integration im Monitoring



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