MMag. Elio Dalpra

Research Associate

Elio Dalpra is a member of the of the research group IN:EX – Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion. Within this group, he is participating as a research associate for the project PETICIPATE – Petitions and Parliamentary Citizens’ Initiatives – Linking Citizens and Parliament? He studied Political Science (2012, Mag.phil) as well as Legal Studies (2013, Mag.iur) at the University of Vienna. After his studies, he completed a traineeship at the Department of Public Prosecution Korneuburg (Lower Austria) and at the County Court Innere Stadt (Vienna). From 2014 to 2018 he was working and teaching as a University Assistant at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Vienna. His research interests include human rights, constitutional law, parliamentary systems, political participation and protest.


Hacktivism – Virtual activism as a threat for a democratic society? Challenges –Problems – Consequences

Interdisciplinary Legal Studies, University of Vienna

This project examines the conflicts between Hacktivism – the combination of hacking and activism – and its character as political protest in cyberspace with the rule of law. Based on an interdisciplinary analysis, challenges are discussed such as the legitimacy of hacking the website of a political party to add or to change its content to promote contrary views. Moreover, is it legitimate to duplicate the website of a State Department, apologize for their policy and claim it is politicking through art? Against this background, this project debates if Hacktivism could enjoy the protection of the freedom of expression or the freedom of the arts? And, as a result, could it be regarded as a virtual form of political activism permitted by law? Hence, this analysis should be understood in the way that there is a constant development of illegal forms of protest and their evolution to legally accepted manifestations of protest.


  • Dalpra/Kogler (eds.) (2018): Übungsbuch zur Einführung in die Rechtswissenschaften und ihre Methoden, 3. Auflage, Wien: Verlag Österreich.



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