Jeremias Stadlmair, MA

PhD candidate

Jeremias Stadlmair is a pre-doc university assistant at the Department of Political Science of the University of Vienna. He studied political science in Salzburg (BA), Warwick/UK, and Vienna (MA). Since 2012, Jeremias is working on a PhD project on economic requirements for naturalisation in Western European countries, which received the “Dissertation Prize for Research on Migration” of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In spring 2015, Jeremias was a visiting researcher at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence. Besides teaching courses on the political system of Austria and the EU at the University of Vienna, he participated in the IN:EX project “Governing Integration”. His research interests comprise citizenship and migration policies in Europe, political participation, and direct democracy.

Dissertation Poster



  • Stadlmair, Jeremias (forthcoming): Party Positions on Economic Criteria for Naturalization in Austria. In: International Migration.
  • Stadlmair, Jeremias (2017): Which policies matter? Explaining naturalisation rates using disaggregated policy data. In: Austrian Journal of Political Science, Vol. 46(1), 59-73. (Download)