Magdalena Übleis-Lang, BA MA

Magdalena has studied Social Work (BA) and Gender Studies (MA) and is about to absolve her Master’s in Political Science. She has worked in a women’s shelter for four years, hence she specialized on gender-based violence. Further, she has set her focus on gender-specific implications of globalized capitalism. Consequently, she has written her master thesis about “Engendering the economic and financial crisis 2008ff.” Within her Erasmus on Karlova University in Prague she engaged with gender in post-socialist Europe. In the summer term 2021 she has volunteered at the Austrian Institute for International Affairs, where she had worked on transnational political identity and the Turkish diaspora in Austria. Since May 2021 she is involved in BORDEUR, the Jean-Monnet New European Border Project at the University of Vienna.

Research interest:

Feminist political science, gendered dimensions of neoliberal politics, gender-based violence. social politics, migration and politics

Selected publications:

Günay, Cengiz/ Dzihic, Vedran (2021): Politische Teilhabe im transnationalen Kontext: Türkische und serbische MigrantInnen in Wien, Projektbericht Stadt Wien, Co-Autor:innen: Manuel Bonat, Lena Elena Nagler, Magdalena Übleis-Lang, Mai 2021.

Hattmannsdorfer, Helena/ Übleis-Lang, Magdalena (2019): „Do!, Demo, Donnerstag. Ein feministischer Blick auf das Wir der Donnerstagsdemos“ 03/2019, Stichwort Newsletter