DEMO. Challenging Deportation through Mobilization

Funding institution: Austrian National Bank (Jubiläumsfonds) (Project number: 14 157)

Duration: March 2011 - February 2013
Coordinated by: Sieglinde Rosenberger

Researcher: Jakob Winkler

Deportation represents a momentous intervention in the life of rejected asylum seekers, often taking place beyond public eyes and awareness. Still, one can observe a remarkable amount of collective protest and mobilization against the enforcement of deportation of individual deportees, occasionally reaching beyond the local level towards civil society, the general public, and the party political discourse. The project seeks to study this mobilization through a number of case studies in Austria since 2005. The aim is to explore different forms and explain varying degrees of mobilization, considering the role of claims and potential impacts on party discourse. Building on the social movement literature, the explanatory framework considers resources, framing and the political opportunity structure. Focusing on the contentious issue of deportation and emphasizing forms and degrees of mobilization, the project is of high societal relevance and contributes to the literature on protest and mobilization.


  • Sieglinde Rosenberger und Jakob Winkler (2012): Anti-Abschiebungsproteste: Mit Empathie gegen die Exklusion, in: Ilker Atac und Sieglinde Rosenberger (eds.): Politik der Inklusion und Exklusion. Göttingen: v&r unipress, 111-134. PDF

Media Coverage

  • Beitrag über das Forschungsprojekt in der Fernsehsendung "heute mittag", ORF 2, 06.12.2012


  • "Proteste gegen Abschiebungen von Flüchtlingen", Montag, 17. März 2014, 19:00 Uhr, Haus der Begegnung, Rennweg 12, Innsbruck
    • ReferentInnen: Univ.Prof.Dr. Sieglinde Rosenberger, (Institut für Politikwissenschaft, Universität Wien), Mag. Herbert Auderer (Fluchtpunkt. Hilfe – Beratung – Intervention für Flüchtlinge)