Living Rooms: The Art of Mobilizing Belongings

Funding institution: Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF, Art(s) & Sciences Call 2009)
Duration: May 2010 - April 2012

Project Description

In the context of migration and cultural diversity, the political mobilization of belonging has become increasingly important. Also at the level of everyday practices, conflicts are increasingly perceived through the lens of ethnic and cultural differences. Against this background, the project sets out to understand how belonging is mobilized in a particular social and spatial setting, and how this mobilization of belonging relates to the maintenance, crossing, or shifting of subjective and emotionally-laden boundaries. In order to do so, the project will develop a new methodology at the interface between arts and sciences, which will be based on the creation of a "laboratory" for the mobilization of belongings. This laboratory will be built by artists in the courtyard of a Gemeindebau (social housing complex), and will serve as a set where artists, scientists and citizens collaborate in the production of knowledge.


Universität Wien, Department of Political Science
    * Sieglinde Rosenberger (Project coordinator)
    * Julia Mourão Permoser

University of Applied Arts
    * Florian Bettel
    * Julia Rosenberger

Demokratiezentrum Vienna
    * Gertraud Diendorfer
    * Elisabeth Röhrlich

    * Simonetta Ferfoglia
    * Heinrich Pichler


  • Bettel, Florian / Mourão Permoser, Julia / Rosenberger, Sieglinde (eds.) (2012): living rooms - Politik der Zugehörigkeiten im Wiener Gemeindebau. Edition Angewandte. Wien: Springer.
  • Mourão Permoser, Julia / Rosenberger, Sieglinde (2012): Die Politik der Zugehörigkeit: Ein sozialwissenschaftlich/künstlerisches Projekt im Wiener Gemeindebau, in: Österreichische Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft, Vol. 41(2), 201-209.


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